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    Ello! Sorry if I sound uber silly right now. I’m in little head space right now ^_^ Had some really cool awesome time with my lil bro the past 2 days. Playing video games and watching movies and such. Pretty cool. Like his sister (my bestie) he knows about my little side so I’ve been pretty much in my diapers most of the time. Its also way too hawt for clothes >.

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    If your boy doesn’t like wearing nappies, try some of the patterned styles. The designs will help him to forget he is padded up….for a nanosecond at least!

    Awesome diapee

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    Good morning!

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    I just love an awesome ass shot of dustin reeves… 

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    From a whiles back…


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    Pup coming home from a walk to serve!

    This is a very well behaved boy.

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    oops imma lil wet!! ;D

    Thanks for the submission! This is super hot and I demand it be on my blog!!! LOL. Thanks again! If you have an account I would love to share it with my followers. Just PM me the details.
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    What a hot master.

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    What a hot master.

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    Proper Michael Bay movie padding.

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