1. prince-cuddle-booty:

    Cutie little Joey being shy, cuddling with Blankie and Fuzzington. <3

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  2. abcubs:

    We are off out in the sun. Best make sure someone has sun cream on!

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  3. passiefire:

    feeling a bit bloo hehe :p

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  4. alittlerobotkid:


    Oopsies! I had a big asident *^,^*  All dwy now!

    Happens to me alllllll teh times!

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  5. hruff:


    So, turns out Tumblr is really fucking addictive. Here’s one of what later became The UK-9 Unit at London Pride 2012

    Yours truly, second from the right.

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  6. littleandlovingit:

    Me as soon as I get home from anywhere.

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  7. raysoleilune:

    Little gamer

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  8. sunshineman21:


    Despite the misleading words on the front of my diaper, I stand by my status as a big boy. Obviously.

    UGH cuteeeeeeeee! <3

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  9. diaperboyx:

    :). nice!!

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  10. medicalpup:

    This boy came up to my roommate and me during the Boston pride parade wanting to be turned into a rubber pup.  He got a lot more than that though (all firsts for him): electro, bondage, rubber, puppy hood and tail, and gimp suit.  Not pictured: my roommate getting all dommy in his leather gear, also got to make/watch two very cute boys make out which was certainly a lot of fun.

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  12. lildiaperederik:

    My outfit for today

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  14. abysitter:

    Adorable + public + diaper = 🍼👍

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  15. rubberbikerboi:

    A rubber fuckboy’s dream. Anybody know how to make this happen?

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